Project Description

The intervention area concerns the islands of the North and South Aegean, Crete and Cyprus, i.e. the entire eligible area.


The common characteristics of these areas in the intervention area include their location on the south-eastern border of Europe with Asia and Africa, the insular/maritime physiognomy and tradition, the relatively large area of these islands, and the physical border of the European Union which are positioned as tourist destinations.


The upgrading of the tourist identity and the “tourism product” of reference areas through the highlighting of their common characteristics can make them more attractive, given that “sustainability” is an extremely comparative advantage in the current international context, but also the examination of opportunities for synergy and the creation of joint tourist activities mainly in areas of natural and cultural interest are included in the context of this project.


The general objective of the project – in full agreement with the general objective of the priority axis in which it is included – is to encourage cooperation between entities in the cross-border area for the development of joint strategies for the promotion of tourism and the promotion of natural and cultural heritage in line with modern requirements and possibilities of the digital age, while strengthening the touristic identity of the islands, sustainable environmental management and security as well as promoting the development of joint cross-border and interlocal initiatives for tourism.



The project will contribute decisively to:

  • Highlighting the local identity and the natural and cultural cultural heritage of the cross-border region while simultaneously promoting their value at an international level.
  • Enhancing readability and the touristic attractiveness of the cross-border area with a dynamic approach to a new audience that is informed, decides and organizes its tourist program through digital communication channels and which makes up 33% of visitors internationally according to Deloitte Global research (2015).
  • Attract at least 400,000 new visitors to alternative tourist destinations of special natural and cultural value in addition to the visitors of the main tourism product “Sun-Sea” to date. education and training actions and at least 35% of local businesses within 5 years of the end of the project.
    Gradual approach to new tourist markets and improvement of the economic dimensions of the tourism sector.
As a result of the above and in relation to the Program result indicator, the project will contribute to enhancing the attractiveness and visitation of the cross-border area, resulting in an increase of 2,800,000 annual nights in the area (400,000 new visitors X 7 nights per visitor , per m.o.).



The Interreg V-A Cooperation Program “Greece – Cyprus 2014-2020” is co-financed by the European Union (ERDF) and by National Resources of Greece and Cyprus.

With the financial contribution of the European Union. It is financed by the cross-border cooperation program “SMART-TOUR” (CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION PROGRAM INTERREG V-A “GREECE-CYPRUS 2014-2020”), within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund.